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    Help > loadMovie changes Title in Browser

    luciewong Level 1



      I am working with Flash8.

      I change the TITLE of my Browser by calling a Javascript in Html with >ExternalInterface<.


      It works fine, when this is done, the movie moves on to a next Frame.


      On the next Frame I have this code:


      var testConC:String;//                                                                                                                     

                  testConC = "content.swf";// 

                  this.createEmptyMovieClip("holderCEdit_mc", 20899);


                  this.holderCEdit_mc._x = contentX;//

                  this.holderCEdit_mc._y = contentY;//

                  this.holderCEdit_mc.loadMovie(testConC, container_mc2);



      When the code is called it changes the TITLE of my Browser window to >_Scene1<!!

      How can I avoid this?


      Thankyou for your help.