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    flash font wrong


      I have made a flash banner in flash cs4. Everything is ok except that it displays the wrong font when viewing the webpage in ie7 on a pc. The font in the swf file is a mac only font but the text that it is displaying is a graphic symbol. Do i need to embed this font in the swf file?




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normally I would say yes, but what you might do instead is break the text apart into raw graphics (Modify->Break Apart->Break Apart).  If this is a graphic symbol then that would indicate you don't need a dynamic textfield (if you are using one) because you cannot dynamically add text to it while it's inside a graphic symbol.  Since it could be static text, then if you convert the text to graphics it should not be a font issue on any machine.


          In some cases, for some fonts, whether it is static text or dynamic, they won't embed in any case.  So if the text is not going to change, the safest bet is to remove its text status.