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    which apps does pdf generator need installing



      The online documentation says that PDF Generator supports a large number of formats, including doc, dwg, vsd (visio) and photoshop psd.

      It doesnt mention Illustrator (ai).


      In trying these out on our dev server, i found that only doc, ai and dwg worked.


      The "preparing to install" documentation says that msoffice and acrobat must be installed on the server.

      Microsoft office is installed, but not Visio, so I guess that explains why visio files wont convert.

      I havent installed photoshop or illustrator either.

      I havent (knowingly) installed anything that supports dwg, but that works fine.


      I can't find a definitive list in the documentation which says explicitly which applications are required?

      Is there such a list published or available somewhere?  I need to be able to tell my customers which additional apps they will need.


      thanks in advance