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    envoyager Level 1

      How would you like the feature to work?
      - Linking each individual text form in a pdf to an individual text box in indesign.


      Why is this feature important to you?
      - My company works with interpreting books from all over the world. By programming a script that says that in that particular file is a pdf with a text in a text form box that gets transferred into the text box in the indesign document, I would really save hours each day.
      The interpreter just writes his text in each text form box and mails it back to me and I save it into the right file, so the script knows where to find the pdf, and activate the script and all the text gets in place.


      This would make my company free from all programs outside the Adobe family, I'd like that!


      PS: Is it possible to set paragragh styles in my text forms when I create them in Professional? So they follow into indesign when I copy & paste and hook to the paragrahp styles in the indd-document?


      Kind regards
      Johan from Sweden