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    Tab Navigators Close Button

    kris456 Level 1

      Hee.... I have a Tab Navigator defined by


      <mx:TabNavigator x="0" y="61" width="100%" height="90%" id="tab1" creationComplete="init()">
              <mx:Canvas label="Tab 1" width="100%" height="100%" id="can1">



      Can I add a Close Button to the existing Tabs (when I move mouse over it) . I tried using Supertab navigator but seems to be too complicated. Is there any way to add a close button by using the Flex's Default Tab Navigator.

      pls help

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          flexprad09 Level 2

          Try using this.
          <mx:TabNavigator id="nav" doubleClick="nav.removeChildAt(nav.selectedIndex)" doubleClickEnabled="true"/>


          So you can close any tab on doubleclick of mouse.
          I am not sure if there is any built in attribute for tabnavigator to close one of tabs.
          Mouse over could prove problematic.






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