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    A4 Page


      Im building an app that allows a user to drag items from a datagrid to a tile list to create a document. My problems are


      1) What size do I make the tilelist to represent a scaled down A4 page (app needs to fit in 1024x780)

      2) What way do I scale the text on the tilelist to match the scale of the A4 page

      3) Is there a way to capture the items in the tile list and there 'locations' in the tile



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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          The standard A4 page is 210 × 297 mm, so for a "scaled down" A4 sized TileList in a 1024x780 app, you end up with a TileList 732 pixels high and 517 pixels wide. This is because an A4 page is taller than it is wide, but your app is wider than it is tall (1024 x 780), so the height limits you.


          Scaling the text is another matter, as it depends on the font you use.


          What do you mean "capture" items in the TileList? Take a screenshot?


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