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    Handling HttpService and Remoting Service simultaneously

    hclselvs Level 1

                I have a RemoteObject(service) to communicate to the back end and retrieve the data. I used HttpService to create a form dynamically and I have datagrid on the form. Once, I clicked the get button in the form, the data should be retrieved from the database and shown in the datagrid.


      As expected, I clicked the get button, it will dispatch the CairngormEvent(which will internally call the remoteObject and get the data) and which will get populated into the datagrid, but these both operations are happenning simulatneously.So, that I could not get the values in datagrid. If I click again, it is populating the values. I would like to prevent running simulatneous operation of these two, Only after the remoteObject is done with get all the values from backend, it should continue further.


      Could you please help me to resolve this issue?