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    Place library asset into a frame?

    Seth McGraw Level 1

      I am learning to place library assets.


      I've place a my second-to-last created library asset via this code:


      var myLibPath = (File("C:/Documents and Settings/mi-pmpc32/Desktop/missing.indl"));
      var myLib = app.open(myLibPath);




      I would like to place this asset in a frame instead of in its predetermined coordinates.


      Currently the only way we've been able to do this is to place the asset, cut, and "paste into" the target frame.

      (that idea stinks)


      ****The end result will be to:

           Write the placement of the library in a function

           Write a "for" loop that will look for missing links.

           When a frame containing a missing link is found, run function.

           Rinse and Repeat throughout doc.



      I hope this is possible with a library. I really don't want to have to place a "missing graphic" pic to be referenced.

      Things like that have a tendency to get "lost" ...errrrr deleted by operators on our 28 terrabyte server.

      If the only way to pull this off is via a graphic link, I may have to have I.T. lock the directory down.

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          Dave Saunders Level 4

          I think the problem here is that the asset is already in a frame of its own. You're trying to place the content of that frame into a different frame.


          I fear you might have run into a hard place with a rock.


          Rather than copying and pasting, perhaps you can interrogate the placed image to get the link address then use that to place the original image into the frame. Although, having done that, you might then need to make other adjustments to the newly placed image (such as scaling/offsetting/skewing/rotating, etc.).



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            Seth McGraw Level 1

            These will be images that the customer does not actually send in. We send out proofs and this graphic will replace the improperly packaged image(s) and act as a place-holder. We find irrefutable evidence that customers do not understand that just because they see it, it doesn't mean that it is there. Their response is "It's on the page". For the last few years operators would make the frame "non-printing" in attributes. The problem is that those same operators would forget to uncheck the option once the pic was obtained. Viola! Blank spot in book, our fault...money, money, money.


            We would like to have a script to the dirty work and eliminate some of the human error.


            The cutting and pasting of the placed library is actually placing a frame in a frame also. I would have to select the frame contents (direct select tool) to illeviate that, then delete the asset's placed frame.