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    How to update licenses on License Server




      I am looking to upgrade our Adobe Acrobat Pro from V8 to V9. Our licenses are hosted on our eLicense server, and so it does not follow the usual update process. After speaking with Adobe representatives, I was told to purchase the upagrades from either CDW or Dell, and that they would email me asking for our current licenses, then follow up with an email with our new licenses. After ordering the upgrades from Dell, we recieved the upagrade media with licenses (basically, what a standard user would use to upgrade). I do not think this would upgrade the licenses on our eLicense server, and (after speaking with a few people from Adobe that did not know what they are talking about), we have returned the upgrade media. Does anyone know the CORRECT way to purchase/upgrade the licenses and place them on an eLicense server? I have searched all of the manuals, etc. from Adobe and it does not mention upgrades anywhere. I have called Adobe 3 times and have not gotten a decent response yet...


      As always, I am fed up with inferior customer/technical support lines for large companies, and so I am reaching out here.... PLEASE HELP!!!!


      Thanks in advance