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    Getting rid of the bulk in 3.0


      I need to find a better way to edit the AVI files after capturing so as to eliminate the unused/unwanted sections.  I was doing it in the timeline, but that doesn't delete the original AVI files and I'm starting to get low on space while working on videos.  I haven't found any way to edit them and delete the excess. Seems this would be an important step.  I do not want to save the parts I delete.  Do I need to export this early edited version, delete all associated files from my machine, then start a new project with the exported copy?  Will I lose any quality doing that?




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your original is DV AVI type 2 and you export to the same with NO ADDED EFFECT you new file will be an exact copy of the old file, just smaller since it is only part of the file


          Delete the original files (put the tapes in a box in case you want to get information again) and use the new files for your finished project


          If you are not using at least two hard drives... one for software and one for data... you should be... and if your data drive is not large enough, replace it


          What I do is in my notes at http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM

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            mytimbuk2 Level 1

            Thanks John,

            Looks like a lot of information that I was looking all over for in one place.  I am getting another hard drive for that purpose.  So as I understand it, for now, I export my cropped DV AVI, then start a new project and use the new file  to continue to edit.  Save the original on the tapes.


            Thanks alot.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              The addition of more HDD space is great, whether you are just storing your Captured material, or are incorporating it into you editing machine (3 internal HDD's is a good "minimum.")


              One caveat, when doing the the rough-edit and Export:


              Depending on how much you will want to do further editing of that material, you might not want to edit it too tightly, before you do the Export/Import into a new Project. The reason for this is Handles. These are the extra frames before and after the In & Out Points in your Clip on the Timeline. If you trim your Clips too tightly, and later decide to add, say a Cross-Dissolve Transition, you will not have adequate Handles in your Exported material. I'd also refrain from adding any Transitions to that material, and do that in your new Project. Otherwise, if you change Transitions, you have to cut out the one in the Exported AVI, reset the In & Out Points and leave enough "extra" frames for the Handles.


              Explanation of Handles:




              Were I using this method, I'd do a very loose edit, leaving several seconds of Video at both the Head and Tail of my Clips. I'd throw in little sections of Black Video (from the New icon in the Project Panel, trimmed to ~ 02 sec. in the Source Monitor) to help me find each Clip easily, when I Imported the Exported (remember, it will now be one complete Video and not discrete Clips any more) AVI into my new Project.


              Just something to think about, prior to doing the Export/Import thing. Do not short-change yourself, or you'll be tightening shots up much more than you might want to.


              Good luck,




              PS now, if you KNOW that you have your initial edit finalized, except for maybe some Soundtrack work, then you can Export/Import with no worries.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                PS - depending on your needs, you may want to consider using drive swap hardware like I do


                My next computer (sometime in 2010, with Win7 64bit and CS5 64bit... I hope!!!) will use


                Vantec MRK-200ST-BK = Sata MRK-300FD-BK = Ide
                $45 full set $35 tray only Sata http://www.vantecusa.com/front/product/view_detail/157

                I always have duplicate boot drives available, in case of a hard drive crash, plus multiple data drives


                Duplicating a boot drive is very easy, with the IMAGE program mentioned in my notes

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  That is a good idea. I'm planning on going with a hot-swappable storage array fo 8x 1TB units with a bunch more in the box. This will cut down on many of my externals, though I will likely still use those for portability for the laptop, as I will not do an array box for it, 'cause it gets used outdoors a lot.


                  I like your idea of a swappable boot disk too and will probably borrow that for the workstation. Thanks! I like the idea from a redundancy standpoint, as I am not into multiple boot systems in my old age. I'll let the youngsters do the beta testing of new OS's and the like.


                  Appreciated, as always,



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It is rare for a modern drive to just fail with no warning... but it does still happen


                    I make an image of by boot drive every 2-3 months, and in between time I copy "major" files to a large USB flash drive (have 4g and 8g and 16g available) and I don't worry much about any "minor" files


                    I have had a drive fail... and simply swapped in my latest copy, copied all major files back via USB, and only actually lost a few days worth of emails and my grocery shopping list... and that was easily replaced by going to the pantry and looking for empty spots


                    The Image program I use is really great... I also use it for my wife's and sister-in-laws's computers, with a different external hard drive dedicated to each of them


                    The swap hardware I now use is no longer made, but as far as I can tell by searching and reading review, the Vantec brand is also good