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    Render hangs on one rotten frame

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      I have a render that hangs on a certain frame every time. It gets stuck in the Compressing and Writing stage in the render progress.  But I've tried Quicktime, Image Sequences and FLV and AE hangs. I've done a per frame error log and there aren't any errors. The log just stops at that frame.


      When I step through frame by frame, AE will lock up on that frame.  There's no new layer or effect starting at that time.  2D layers, no lights, time proven plug-ins that have always worked, and a few PSD layers.  But again, no effect or layer gets turned on at that time.


      What's weird is that none of my cores are very busy and memory usage is normal. The OS isn't beachballing (Mac). And the render time elasped counter doesn't move. It was stuck overnight, and yet the elapsed time read only 5 minutes.


      I went into Secret and turned on purge every 120 frames and ignore Sequence errors. And nothing changed.


      Any ideas?  OS 10.5.7 and CS4 9.0.2.