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    Simple Flash File won't work in CMS


      I have a simple, fade transition flash file that I'm trying to add to a CMS site.  The file works in the preview of the site's tools but displays as a wide black band when it is published.  The support section of the CMS site gives the information below but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do based on what it says.  I'm getting frustrated by the whole thing and would love a little help.  Thanks.



      Here was the answer to a faq that speaks to my problem:


      If you are having trouble viewing a Flash file on your web site but can see it in the My Files preview, you will need to check the url references for all files.


      For example, in creating your Flash file, you may have a .swf file referencing a .xml file and the .xml file referencing images. These references need to be full url's as show in the example below.


      (Note: The .fla file used to create the .swf file will also need to follow the same url referencing structure.)


      Referencing Structure: http://yourdomainname/clientimages/yourSiteID/foldername/filename


      Reference Example: http://www.domainname.com/clientimages/31606/flashfiles/movie.xml