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    Colorize Basic Graphics_Lines?




      In Illustrator CS3 I'm making a banner graphic. I like the effects that I can generate by filling a shape with textures from the "Basic Graphics_Lines" group of swatches. Is there a way to colorize these lines to any other color but black?


      I'm kind of a novice at Illustrator and the only other way I can think of to produce a similar effect would be to create the lines with the drawing tools and manually space them out myself. I've tried this already, but the lines always end up with different spacing between each one of them--it's really annoying.

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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

          You can make a an object filled with your favorite color below the object filled with the lines. Select both objects and go Transparancy>Make Opacity Mask with the lines. This will in effect give you colored lines. Make sure you check both invert and clip.

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            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have used the pattern in your file, the swatch should be added to the Swatch Panel. To change it drag the swatch from the panel to the artboard. It should create a copy of the pattern tile. Look at the pattern tile in Outline mode. Select all the lines except the rectangle with the Direct Select tool (open arrow) and color as desired. Then select everything including the defining rectangle and drag it back to the Swatch Panel. If you want to cahnge all existing uses of the pattern in your file, Option-Drag the modified pattern tile onto the original.