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    Nikon D5000 Audio not playing


      Vista Ultimate, 64bit Service Pack 1

      Intel Quad core 2.83GHz

      8 GB Ram


      Experimenting with both Canon 5d and Nikon D5000 video, trying to establish a workflow.


      Had trouble editing until using Cineform Neo Scene for intermediate codec.  Everything looks and sounds great with 5d footage, sound on Nikon does not import.  When importing the Nikon files, the sound track is forced into audio track 4.  I don't believe its an issue of not playing, there is simply no sound on the sound track, just the track itself.  If I play the Nikon clip outside of Premiere, there is sound both on the original and the intermediate file created with Neo Scene.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The fact that the audio imports into track 4 suggests it is a mono track. Is that what the Nikon is recording?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I'm guessing that this Nikon uses MJPEG, like the D-90 does. This should mean that G-Spot can give you full details on both the Audio and the Video. Taking off on Harm's comments, it would be interesting to see what G-Spot says about the file. On your Audio Track 4, is there one little "speaker" icon in the Track Header, or two?


            Also, which MJPEG (assuming that it's just like the D-90) CODEC do you have? The MainConcept MJPEG CODEC gets very high marks, and Morgan is not far behind. Which one is on your computer? Usually, MJPEG issues arise in the Video end, but maybe there is an issue on the Audio end of the CODEC.


            Good luck,



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              Qbacon Level 1

              Thanks for the reply


              The d5000 records mono.

              Yes, in Premiere it looks like track 4 in is for mono.  Premiere displays a single speaker, not two like the other tracks.


              Using gSpot, I was able to get this information from the original Nikon video file.




              Motion JPEG




              PCM Audio

              11025Hz 176 kb/s (1chnl)

              No Code Required

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                Qbacon Level 1

                I should have also noted that I'm working on Premiere CS4, Master Suite.


                I have a working knowledge of the use of Codec/intermediate codecs.  Just not sure what I need to do next.  

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What you need to do next is re-read Hunt's message #2 and click on the links he provided

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                    Qbacon Level 1

                    Thanks everyone.  Hunt had it right.  The Main Concept codec did the trick.  Non rendered Nikon video now works in timeline with audio.  Mono tracks play on the last track.  Since I had four tracks it went to track four.   The Main Concept codec doesn't really help the Cannon 5D video unless they're rendered.  I tried the demo for Neo Scene from Cine Form.  That seemed to work great.  It's a lot less money then Prospect HD.  I'm sure If I search this forum there's some good information on the best Codec's as far as price.  $740 for Prospect HD seems really high.


                    I'm going to be mixing video from a Sony V1U (.m2t files)  Cannon 5D, and Nikon D5000.  I'm hoping I've cleared my major hurdles.  My only concern is about blowing up the 720P footage from the Nikon to 1080.   


                    I bought the Nikon as an experiment.  I really need (2) 5Ds because I often will need to photograph while someone shoots video.  The swivel LCD is a real bonus especially when shooting with the http://cinevate.com pegasis slider or a mono pod.  I've found shooting with the mono pod to help with the rolling shutter issues.  I have a hard time throwing the 5D around like I need to for video and the Nikon kit with lenses was cheap in comparison. We'll see how it all goes.


                    Thought I'd share in case anyone has any other advice/forum links on the topic they'd be kind enough to through my way.


                    Thanks again for everyone's help.  

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news!


                      Now, the Canon 5D MK II is a totally different story. It records to .MOV with a few tweaks. I believe that it's H.264, but my memory could have failed me. Those files also do not seem to edit as well as other .MOV files (could be the H.264?). There are several threads, and I believe that they all have at least parts of "Canon 5D MK II" in their titles. It seems that some of the issues with those files were sorted in the discussions. One thread was quite long, and Jeff Bellune had some good observations and suggestions. I think I had some guess, and most turned out to be bad guesses...




                      One tip: if you want to take your mono to dual-mono (not the same as stereo), look into Fill-Left and Fill-Right in the Audio Effects>Mono folder.


                      Thanks for reporting success, and do search for the Canon 5D MK II threads. They will take you a long way. Just ignore my "contributions" (?) to any.


                      Good luck,