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    Cannot use Reader 9 with USPS.com

    Terry Quinn

      The United States Postal Service website supports purchasing shipping labels, which I've done for years.  Recently I updated my Adobe Reader 8 to Reader 9, and found recently that the USPS.com site won't work to make a shipping label.  After spending several hours with their tech support, they told me they have found that Reader version 9 no longer works.  They want me to go back to version 8 to solve the problem.  They claim that other applications have been "broken" when Reader 9 came out.


      A.  Has anyone heard of this before (problems where 9 doesn't work where 8 did)?


      B.  Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of Reader 8?

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          pwillener Level 8

          Reader 8.1.3 can be downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/


          Make sure you uninstall Reader 9.x before installing the previous version.


          (Sorry, I cannot answer your other question.)

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            Terry Quinn Level 1

            Thank you,



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              I am having the same problem with my Imac.

              Does anyone have a solution I have tried Reader 8 and 9 in Safari and Firefox.

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                Terry Quinn Level 1

                Going back to Adobe Reader 8.16 solved my problem with the USPS.com printing shipping labels, using Internet Explorer 8.  I've not had trouble with that configuration (8.16) for any other applications either, so for now, that has been a reasonable solution for me.  I followed Adobe's detailed method to uninstall the old reader and then put on 8.13, then updates to 8.16.


                It is interesting that you've had this problem with Firefox and Safari.  When I talked to the USPS about the problem, their initial "solution" was to get off of Internet Explorer and go to Firefox.   You should tell them that the problem exists with Firefox also.








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                  alanancy1 Level 1

                  Terry, thanks very much for trying. I have tried this 3 times now and 

                  still can't get it to work.

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                    As I can see there might be a solution:


                    I'm not working with USPS, but with a similar service, the german DHL. It works fine, if you'll put

                    the URL of the service to the trusted sites in the Internet Options/Security, i.e. for the DHL:



                    I'm using Reader 9.2 and all it works fine.

                    You should try this.


                    Good luck.



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                      alanancy1 Level 1

                      Once again thanks for trying but still won't work. I have tried Adobe 8 and 9 in Safari and FireFox.

                      This is where I have it now.


                      I get a down load error that "com.usps.bveb.pdf-2.LabelGernerationServlet could not open, because unknown error occurred."

                      The Downloads screen appear and I see that the above has failed. I double click on this and then a new file comes up that

                      is not failed. I click on this and then it goes to the print area.,

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                        alanancy1 Level 1

                        No that did not do it but thanks for trying.


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                          I was unable to print USPS Click-n-Ship labels with Reader 9.4.0 and either Firefox 3.6.10 or IE 8.0.6001 under Windows XP SP3.  The "processing" animation appeared, but no "print box."


                          USPS' online Chat agents have learned to ask if Adobe Air is also installed.  At their direction to uninstall Air and uncheck Reader's "Display PDF in Browser" option in the Edit/Preferences dialog, I was able to print labels with Firefox.  Since Air is required by other apps that are equally important to me, I asked the USPS agent if there was a known incompatibility, but all she could tell me was that there is a pattern of Adobe Air being present when customers report problems with Click-n-Ship and that uninstalling Air usually resolves it.

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                            Terry Quinn Level 1

                            USPS gave me the same message about Adobe Air being the problem, but I didn't have

                            that installed, so it wasn't the cause.  I worked with them for a long time trying

                            ways to fix it.  But in the end, I'm pretty sure that the problem is the USPS

                            software just being incompatible with Adobe reader 9.x . . . USPS just hasn't

                            upgraded their software to handle it.  My problem was August of 2009, so it is kind

                            of a scandal that they haven't updated Click-n-Ship to work by now.


                            I "solved" the problem with Click-n-Ship by going back to Adobe Reader 8.x, as

                            someone recommended earlier in this thread.  That fixed the postal system problem,

                            and I've not had any problems with using Adobe 8 with anything else I've had to open.

                            Every once in a while Adobe will prompt me to upgrade to 9, and and I just need to

                            remember to tell it "no" when it does.