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    RH8 DocBook XML > run script > font issues in html


      Can you help with these two font problems? We're using RH8 to generate DocBook XML and a script that then generates WebHelp from DocBook. The font problems are in the resulting html.


      Background - dev and tech pubs:


      1. For Linux open source, the development team wants DocBook XML for their small interim deliverables (to edit & publish WebHelp themselves).


      2. For major releases, tech pubs imports the updated  xml files into RH8 and publishes the WebHelp.


      Issues: Using RH8 to generate DocBook XML works fine, except for two font issues in the resulting html:


      * no bold (DocBook doesn't automatically support bold, you have to modify the stylesheets)


      * incorrect line breaks in the numbered lists


      Guessing at the Fix: We think the fix is to edit the RH8 handler files. Because DocBook doesn't support bold, we understand that you must add XSL tags to the stylesheets. For bolding, I found a set of attributes. Copying them into the handler stylesheets would mean figuring out how to match the attributes with the css styles, and it would take some time, as none of us are skilled at XML. I did not find attributes to fix incorrect line breaks.


      Hoping for a magic bullet: Has someone experienced and fixed these problems? Perhaps an external editor with an interface?