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    How to add photo/video to title page

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      PE 7


      My Heaven do I feel overwhlemed.


      I am trying to create a birthday video for my daughter.  I want to use the pre-set title for Birthday


      If I go to titles in the Task Section and then selected "Happy Birthday" in the first Drop down and then "Birthday Party" in the second drop down.  I want to use the 4th item which is labled "Title"  There is a black spot where you can add a photo I would guess but how do I add the still photo or a video in that black spot?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are basically two ways to do this. One is to use the "Insert Image" in Titler (the Title editing sub-app. that is launched, when you edit a Title template), and the second is to use that still image in the Timeline below the Title. In PrPro, I use the second method, as I feel that I have much more control. I do the Text and any artwork in Titler, and then just put that Title on Video Track 2, above the still image (I use .PSD, the PS native format, but JPEG works too, as does TIFF and some others) on Video Track 1.


          Hope that this helps,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This is a bit of a PS. Titler in PrE is a bit different than the one in PrPro. The "Insert Image" is "Add Image," and behaves a bit differently. In PrE, I'd use the second method, and let the "black area" be the "hole" that views the image/footage below on Video Track 1, with the Title on Video Track 2.


            Sorry for my confusion between the two NLE programs.



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              Is video 2 always listed in the timeline?  I am at work right now so I don't have it in front of me, but I do not remember seeing the video track 2..


              Video Track 1, Audio, Narative are things that ring a bell.


              So If I drop the image in Track 2 how will it know the exact location it needs to be, such as right in the little back "hole" or "window"?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                In Timeline View, you will have multiple Audio & Video Tracks. PrE orders the display of these a bit differently, than does PrPro. In PrE, you have Video Track 1 (VT 1) and Audio Track 1 (AT 1) grouped together. Same for VT 2 and AT 2, and so on.


                Material on higher VT's, i.e. VT 2, will appear "above" material on VT 1. If the material on VT 2 has a "hole," or is smaller, then the material on VT 1 will show through, or around. If you wish to have an image, or Video footage show through the "hole" in a Title, you would place that image, or Video footage "below" the Title, i.e. on a lower numbered VT. Assuming that you have the Birthday Title (with the hole in it) and a still image, that you wish to show through the hole, you would place your still image on VT 1, and the Birthday Title on VT 2. [If you did it the other way around, the still image would be all that you'd see, as it would block everything on VT 1.]


                As for the Duration (length), you need to determine how long that will need to be. With pure text Titles, I make sure that the audience has enough time to read the text 1.5 times. With a Title with an image in it (though the hole in the Birthday Title), I give them about 2x however long it would take to read pure text - it takes a moment longer to identify a photography, or Video footage, as it does to recognize characters in one's native language.


                To align elements on various VT's, I like to zoom in on the Timeline. If one moves the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to a point, and then drag an Asset to the Timeline, or drag on one end, or the other of the Asset, the cursor will Snap to the CTI, or to other "joints" in the Timeline (so long as Snap is turned ON). This makes it easy to match placement, starting points, and end points.


                Good luck,



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                  Here is an example of the Birthday Title over a still image. This is the Timeline in PE4, but PE7 should be almost identical, depending on how you have your Panels arranged:








                  Hope that this helps explain the use and also the placement of Assets on the various VT's in the Timeline.


                  Good luck,



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    I would second the thought that “insert image” in the Titler is not appropriate for this situation in Premiere Elements 7. Also, I prefer to work in the Timeline View because I feel that it gives you more control because you can see what is going on.


                    All that being said, if you are determined to do this in the Sceneline View, this should work just fine.


                    1. Place your photo in a scene in the Filmstrip of the Sceneline View.

                    2. Highlight that scene in the Filmstrip so that you see a blue frame around it.

                    3. Make sure that you are in the Edit Mode (Orange Tab active) of the program, and click on the Titles Tab which is located below the Edit Mode Tab.

                    4. Go to Happy Birthday category and the group of Birthday Party Title Templates. Click on the “title” version which has a transparent (black) area surrounded by a white border to give a Polaroid look once the setup is complete.

                    5. With both the photo scene highlighted in the Filmstrip and the “title” highlighted in the Titles selection area, click “Apply”. After a short pause, the Titler will open and you will see that the black area of the template has been replaced by your photo.

                    6. Now it is finishing time.

                    a. Add your personal text where it says “Add Text”. I will not go through those details unless necessary, but you initiate the process by using the Titler Toolbox Selection Tool to select that “Add Text” in the Monitor.

                    b. If you decide you need to get a different view of the photo in the Polaroid frame, then….the Titler is still open, you have not closed it yet….highlight the scene in the Filmstrip with your “in the works title” (the Titler will close), click on the Properties icon (above Filmstrip) to bring up Properties Palette, and in the Properties Palette click on the Motion Panel, expand it, and use the Scale and Position controls there to adjust the position of your photo within the Polaroid frame. Click Done.


                    If you do try this, please let me know how it turned out and if you have any further questions. Whichever way you do it and whatever you do in your projects, please do not feel overwhelmed. Remember you can do it.



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                      Adobe1981 Level 1

                      You guys rock!  The detailed information is very helpful!  When I get back from vacation I cannot wait to test it out.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        The detailed information is very helpful!


                        We try. Sometimes, just words get a bit lost. Hope that this helped.


                        When I get back from vacation I cannot wait to test it out.


                        Travel safely, and when you return, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


                        Good luck,