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    Error in Illustrator CS4 on Vista 64:  "Can't finish previewing.  There isn't enough memory. ID = - 108

    RippinPC Level 1

      Please help:  I have searched for this error and would appreciate any help or feedback.  I am not the Illustrator expert.  I build fast PC's, not design on them.  I would especially like to know where a complete error code list resides.


      Freshly assembled:
      Intel Core i7

      2 x 3GB DDR3

      3 SSD HDD's



      I've done all the tips and tricks I can find.  With paging file, and w/o.  Scratch disk and w/o.  Fresh reboot on PC, CS4 fully updated, Vista 64bit business fully updated.  Aero off along with all visual stuff.


      This PC is built to perform but will error out and I can't find the cause.

      To create the error:

      1.  open new 'print document'

      2.  Create text:  I use Blackoak Std 72 pt.  Pick a word to type.  I use 'Hello'.

      3.  Select and choose Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel.  Set Extrude Depth to 500, Bevel: Complex 4, and Height to 40.      

      4.  Object > Expand Appearance

      5.  Object > Path > Offset Path. Run 3 times one of each type (Miter, Round, Bevel).  At this point there should be a lot of paths.


      6.  Window > Pathfinder > Unite


      Total RAM usage never exceeds 3GB on the machine.


      Thanks for the help.