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    Customizing FLVPlayback version 2.5 in Flex

    gregbown Level 1

      I am using the new FLVPlayback version 2.5 in a Flex Builder 3 Actionscript project. The application streams flv and mpv from a cdn.

      The FLVPlayback version 2.5 ships with an all inclusive compiled swf skins but this is not usable for custom players.  The individual controls are the only viable path.  There is some issue with using the idividual seek and volume controls.  The handles never show up? In the debug handle_mc is null in UIManager setControl when using individual components but is working with the all inclusive controlls.  There must be something different in the fla file for the version 2.5.  I have tried individual seek bar and volume bar from both CS3 and CS4 without success.  All the button controls seem to be forward compatable though.  Could someone at Adobe please release the fla so we can create custom controls? or at least explain how to modify the current ones to work with FLVPlayback version 2.5. It must be out there somewhere because it was used to compile the working all inclusive skins.