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    Adding sunglasses to a biped character

    Robert Crowe

      I have an interesting problem.  I have characters that were created in Max with a motion caption walk and an idle cycle applied to the biped.  I would like to enable them to take off and put on sunglasses, or a hat, etc.  This turns out to be harder than I thought!


      If I make the sunglasses a child of the head group of the biped it's close, but not quite right.  The glasses follow the idle cycle and the walk, but there is a rubbery disconnect between the mesh and the sunglasses.  As the character begins walking forward or backward the sunglasses move inside the head for a second or so, and then catch up.  When the character stops walking there is a similar lag, almost as if the sunglasses are connected with very stretchy rubber to the head.  When the character turns his head, the sunglasses get slightly out of alignment for a second.


      My original thought was to just make the sunglasses a child of the head, but I'm starting to think that's not going to work well enough.  Any ideas on some other approach?  What's the standard way of doing something like this?