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    PrtnScrn Not Working

      Has this happened to anyone...

      I hadn't used my Captivate for several months now. However, I need to record a new demo and I can't seem to capture screenshots with my print screen button or within the auto record mode.

      This might be the problem, but I don't know if this is a cause and effect situation. I have a new tool called, Oracle User Productivity Kit (dubbed UPK). It is a screen capture product as well. It also uses the print screen button to perform the screen capture. Do you think that UPK can taken over the whole print screen capturing functionality of Captivate?

      Please help. BTW, I switched keyboards and mice to make sure that it was not an equipment issue, but to no avail.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi there, mientwan,
          There is a good chance that your UPK application might be the culprit. Check to see if it is loaded at startup, and if so, remove it from the list of applications that run automatically when Windows is started.

          Go to "Start > Run > (then type ... "MSCONFIG" without the quotes)

          Hopefully you can identify the program from that list and disable it ...
          ... then reboot the computer and see if that helped. Okay?

          Have a nice day!
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Say, I just noticed this was your first post to the forums - so - WELCOME to the Capitivate User Community!!!
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              mientwan Level 1
              Thanks CatBandit for the warm welcome.

              I believe that I found the problem. My orgaznization has very, very strict security rules in place. They run the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) to deny access to installations and certian programs and files to execute. Apparently, the CSA scripts have been updated and they failed to allow Captivate to execute the capture files.

              But thanks for your support.