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    Weird Display Problem

    The ScareCrow Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm using Flex build 3


      I have a component, this component has 2 states

      The first state is a datagrid of all data, with a checkbox in the grid to allow the user to select which rows of data to display. Data in array collection 1


      The second state displays all the selected rows of data from the first state, using a repeater control.

      This is just a label and datefield. Data in array collection 2


      I have array collection 1 (all data).

      When a checkbox is checked/unchecked some action script either adds or deletes the record from array collection 2.


      There is a button to switch states.


      This all works perfectly on my dev machine (my pc) on both firefox on ie

      But when I move it to production server firefox works perfect, but ie displays a black state for state 2.

      That is no label or datefields from the repeater control.


      Does anybody have an idea about this ??