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    admin- login to other user account...

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      hi everybody ,


      i have a list of users in backend i want to login with user account by clicking on the user (link or a botton).


      User 1user1@user1.comusersedit | delete | Log in
      User 2user2@user2.comusersedit | delete | Log in
      User 3user3@user3comAdminedit | delete | Log in
      User 4user4@user4.comSuperadminedit | delete | Log in


      by clicking on log in i want to log in to the user account without using login form.


      Note: the password is encrypted and also users are based on level has right. i used ADDT in cd4 


      any idea.


      thank you.

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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          any idea.


          just one for now, although my idea still requires an extra page for the login procedure, and it might get you into trouble in case you´re using different "after login, go to.." pages for each user level, because if so, you´ll get forwarded there too


          1. create a standard ADDT User Login form


          2. turn all the default text fields into hidden fields, which - of course - have to retrieve the field values from URL parameters, means some data you´ll need to attach to the "Login" link and pass to the login form


          That´s of course at least a significant improvement, as you´d only need to click an extra "login" button.