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    Adobe Reader 9.1 Forced IE To Close Suddenly

    Web Traffic

      I was downloading some pdf files from some sites and my IE, with several tabs opened, all closed suddenly without any apparent reason and a message (see below) popped up. I opened my IE again, revisited the site and managed to download the same pdf file without problem this time. However, another site that I visited which I tried to download another pdf file, forced my IE to close again. I am puzzled.


      I am using:

      Windows Vista

      IE 7

      Adobe Reader 9.1


      "Address a problem with Adobe Reader

      Adobe Reader has stopped working properly.

      A newer version of Adobe Reader is available for download that might solve this problem. Adobe Systems Inc. recommends updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader to take advantage of security and stability improvements.

      Click to download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe Systems Inc. website"