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    Custom Component vs. States


      Dear Catalyst team,

      After trying to work around the 15 states limitation by converting them into custom components. I ran into the problem that the pages of those custom components have the tendency to change their apearance relatively to the first page of the custom component. As a result, moving a button element up a bit from the first page to the next will, when running, move the same element up EACH time I click it, moving it out of the screen eventually. Is there a way to anchor the elements in a custom component? Otherwise, by the complex nature of my project, I might run into a dead end. Please let me know if you know of any solution.

      All the best,


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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Hi Wulffrunner,

               What is happening is Catalyst is auto-sizing the component bounds to the content. When you modify the content, new bounds are computed causing the objects to move around. All you need to do is double click the custom component to edit it, then turn OFF "Auto Size Component Bounds" in the Modify menu. (BTW, the name of the menu item may have changed slightly. I am looking at a developer build right now on my system). This setting is per each custom component.


          When you turn this option OFF you will see that Catalyst will draw a black square around the content of the custom component. In the corners are draggable lines you are adjust to define the bounds. When the define the bounds manually all the objects will stay put relative to the upper left of the custom component.


          I've attached a screen shot of several purple rects. You will see that I have adjusted the bounds to be larger than the bounds of all the rects.


          Hopefully this gets you past your road block!



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            raytron Level 1

            I am trying to work around the Max page/state limit...


            how can I convert a page/state into a custom component?

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              Tvoliter Adobe Employee

              There isn't a command to convert an entire Page/State to a custom component, but you can convert selected artwork.


              You can convert selected artwork in the following two places:

              1) Right-click on the artboard and choose Convert Artwork to Component > Custom Component

              2) In the Heads up Display (the floating black dialog) click Choose Component > Custom Component



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                raytron Level 1

                ok, got it:)


                so how about this:


                Can I trigger action sequences outside of the custom component

                using buttons that are in the custom component, and vice-versa?


                Haven't found a way to do this yet...

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                  Tvoliter Adobe Employee

                  This isn't supported yet. The tricky part about implementing this isn't so much the UI, but generating and managing the code. It would be very bad to introduce references between components, so the right way to implement this is via event notifications and event handlers. This turned out to be too much to bite off for 1.0



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                    raytron Level 1



                    Is there a way I can set an Action sequence that starts playing by itself instead of being triggered by a mouse click?


                    like, if custom component is in State 1 on a page, it will start playing automatically....

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                      Tvoliter Adobe Employee

                      This currently isn't possible. The only automatic trigger event in Catalyst right on is "on application start". I agree "on show state x" would be useful.


                      On thing you could try is putting your actions transition instead since transitions do run when ever you go to a state.



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                        Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                        Hi raytron,


                        It might be helpful if we knew a little bit more about what you were trying to do.  What sort of UI are you trying to build, and why does it feel like you need more than 15 states?  And what were you thinking of using the action sequences for?


                        - Peter