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    Can't Complete Install of Lightroom2


      I used a trial of Lightroom 2 a while ago and it expired.  I recently purchased the software, so I removed the trial and installed my software using the installation CD. It seemed to go fine.


      When I go to launch it, it prompts me for my serial number. I put then in, then press NEXT.  I get the Adobe registration screen, put in the information, press the UPDATE button, then nothing.  I never get the NEXT button, just the options of FINISH and CANCEL.  If I press FINISH, it quits. When I go to relaunch, I get the very same popup window asking for my serial number.


      I have also come to the Adobe website and registered my LR serial number here as well, but that didn't help. I"m wondering if I didn't uninstall the old trial version properly and now it's all messed up.  I have no clue. Any thoughts?