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    No good visualization of imported files in PE7 (AVCHD, VOB even avi).




      I have just bought a new Mac (4-core, GeForce GT-125 graphic card, 4 GB RAM and huge place on the Hard disk System 640 and another one Seagate 1.5 Tb) with parallel use of Windows.

      I can import in the PE7 the above files (it takes some time anyway) separately or together.

      After importing them I see on the main window of PE7, on the left, several other windows opened from behind or the message : importing media. Which desappear when I try to play the project or a file.


      Much to my surprise small clips I recorded with a normal foto camera they behave the same way.


      When I try to play one of the above files I have no visualization but only sound and not very clear (like somebody would swich -on off- continously).

      All the above happens in the scenline.

      When I go to the timeline I see on the place of the imported clips a red line and of course the same like before (just sound etc).


      Do I have to correct something on the hardware for all that?


      If you need more details I could tell you or to send you even a captured screen...


      I appreciate as always professional help in this forum.



      Thank you very much


      Vladimir from Luxembourg