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    Merging 2 documents, and keep the layers structure


      Here's my problem :


      my workmates and me are working on seperate files (.ai) for our projects, then, we use to merge our document in one main document to save the final project and to make the exports.


      BUT, i found nothing in illustrator or on the web about how merging and keep the structure. And on our project, we have a loooot of layers, and it's barely impossible to copy/paste each layer at once. (i'm sure a bunch of you had this problem once.)

      On photoshop, it's quite simple, you can export some layers/group in a new document or in a opened.


      So i'd like to know if any of you have a solution (if i'm not understood, i can try to explain better my problem), or if it's a known issue (and if the next version will do it well !!!).



      Thanks a lot for any answer that will help me <3