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    Setting RGB

    GIS 12 Level 1

      I am updating the RGB for a banner and after I save and close the file when it opens back up the RGB setting is back to where it originally had been.



      1. Activate the banner

      2. Change the RGB from (40,51,115) to (20,44,118)

           a. Click Fill

      3. Save and close the file

      4. Open the file back up and the RGB is back to (40,51,115)


      Thanks for the assistance!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          What happens if you Save As with a new name, and open that?

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            GIS 12 Level 1

            Save as and giving the file a new name did not help.  It must have something to do with my steps.  Does it seem like I am doing them correctly? It should be straight forward, change the RGB and save the file.


            Thanks to all for your assistance!

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              Scott Falkner Level 6

              Is Document Color Mode RGB or CMYK?

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                JimUSTL Level 1

                Check your document color settings under "file-document color mode" and make sure you are set to RGB. I bet CMYK is set.

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  I presume you are selecting the path (banner) and then changing the values.


                  What happens if you deselect and select again? Do you get the same values, or different?


                  Working with RGB in CMYK Color Mode will change your values, but it will not bring you back from one to the other.

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                    GIS 12 Level 1

                    The Document Color Mode was set to CMYK and resetting it to RGB fixed the issue.  Thanks to all!!


                    On a side note:

                    1. what is the difference between using RGB & CMYK?

                    2. What is the "In Gamut Color" warning all about?


                    Thanks again to you all!

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                      JimUSTL Level 1

                      1. RGB is Red, Blue, Green color space. This is what colors computer monitors and televisions use to create images (light mixing). Typically this is the color space used for Web graphics. All colors in RGB are made up of only these 3 colors of light.


                      CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (the K is from the term "Keyline"). This color model is used for printing (magazines, books, labels, inkjet printers, etc). All colors in CMYK printing are made out of these 4 colors.


                      2. A color Gamut Warning means you have chosen a color (for instance in RGB) which is not able to be reproduced in another color space (CMYK).

                      RGB has a larger color library (Gamut) than CMYK (as an example).

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                        Scott Falkner Level 6

                        When you define a colour in Illustrator, the colour data is stored using the current Document Color Mode. So if you ahve a CMYK document and define a colour as RGB the colour is actually remembered as a CMYK conversion from the RGB numbers you entered. If you then call up that colour in RGB, it is converted from the internal CMYK numbers to a conversion. So the RGB numbers you entered? They get converted twice. Why? Damned good question. You'd think version 14 of Illustrator would be at least caught up with version 3 of InDesign, which can record both RGB and CMYK numbers within a single document.


                        This is number 4,971 in a series of reason why Illustrator must eventually be scrapped.

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                          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          It still puzzles me that the RGB values changed so much, only beacuse of the Document Color Mode.


                          Before post #5 I checked it, and it does not happen in 10.


                          Has it become so much worse in later versions?

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                            Jesseham Level 4

                            In CS3, entering rgb 20,44,118 in a cmyk document, saving and re-opening yields 40,52,115.  Is it different in every version?

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                              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              In 10, saving and reopening in CMYK Document Color Mode, RGB 20/44/118 become(s) 23/45/118. RGB 40/51/115 become(s) 39/51/115.