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    is this possible?


      Hi i'm wanting to create a flash animation and embed it into my website

      i used to do this with a gif image within a DIV and make the position of the DIV

      vary via javascript so that the image moved across the screen. i'm looking now for a more

      professional touch via Flash.


      A gif's background is transparent so as it moves over differen't areas of the webpage it shows not the bounding rectangle but

      only the character image itself. Is this possible via flash - or will flash always be a boxed image that is moved?


      thanks a lot Mike



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          This is definately possible with Flash.


          Look into the window mode parameter of the flash object.  It has an option for "transparent" which removes the background stage, and allows you to show the page content through.

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            modemfish Level 1


            Another Q on this -

            Is it possible to test for states within the HTML page to be picked up by the flash or vice versa flash sending status to the html page

            on the fly without re-loading the page. i.e. i don't want my flash div to just be a random movement i'd like it to have some control

            either javascript telling flash what animation to play next and flash telling javascript an animation sequence has ended and for the JS to

            determine the next action.


            if this can be done then i'm getting excited about my project.


            thanks Mike



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              RossRitchey Level 4

              You can readily do most of what you describe inside Flash using Actionscript.


              But, to answer the question, yes, communication with Javascript is very simple using the AS ExternalInterface class.

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                Andrei1 Level 6

                Yes, there is a class ExternalInterface that allows to establish two way communication between Flash and its wrapper (DOM/browser) via JavaScript for instance.