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    Access to pdf document in internet explorer


      Hi folks


      My task is to send specific opened pdf document in adobe reader (as plugin in IE) to some web service.

      I dont want to make plugin or adobe javascript, cos it would stay in adobe reader forever and i need that

      function only in one moment.


      Or maybe i want plugin or adobe javascript, but im very new in this stuff.


      Workflow is that customer clicks to download pdf document, it opens in IE, he signs the pdf (i have solve this

      already) and then click to my special button or do something and it sends the document back (for exapmple to webservice)


      My question is, is that possible at all?

      If yes, how?


      I c only something like thru "classic" javascript i get acces to pdf document via adobe reader API and then also via javascript send the opened document. But i have no idea how


      All help is very welcome, thx a lot.


      PS: this forum doesnt work in opera.