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    AppleScript InDesign Document Save as


      Hello @ All!


      I tried my first AppleScript. I tried to open a document and use "save as" (without dialog) to save the opened file in a new place and with a new name.

      in case of question: i have to use indesign for a convert of the format.

      Here is my Code-Snippet: (the part mentioned in the SDK failed!)


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"


      set myDocument to open "Mac:IDS:InD-Files:delete_Test.indd"


      if saved of active document is true then


      tell active document to save saving in "Mac:IDS:test.indd" --speichern ohne save-dialog

      end if


      close document 1 --Dokument schließen


      --end repeat --ende der schleife


      display dialog "Alle Dateien bearbeitet"


      end tell


      After Running i get the failure message:

      „saving of "Mac:IDS:test.indd"“ kann nicht gelesen werden."

      cannot read this path or file.

      The path exists.


      What am i doing wrong? or where is the mistake!


      Thanks for your help.


      Kind regards