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    Update failure linux


      I have Air installed on my eeepc on the default Xandros.

      Works with Twhirl, thought the screen goes haywire sometimes.

      When I run the updater it fails without updating, some sort of permissions prolem I gues?

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          ianbath Level 1

          I uninstalled the previous version, and the latest version wont install, so its not just the updater.

          Sadly I dont have the previous installer .bin file so I cant roll back.

          Thats the end of Air for the time being unless a solution is forthcoming

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            syed mehadi Level 2

            Please uninstall existing"adobeair1.0" and "adobe-certs" packages and than try these steps on terminal:

            1. touch ~/.airinstall.log

            2. chmod +x <path-of-AdobeAIRInstaller.bin>

            3. ./<path-of-AdobeAIRInstaller.bin>

            4. Continue with the installation till it fails


            open the log file (~/.airinstall.log) and send its contents to syed@adobe.com, along with this forum's reference.

            this will help us in resolving the issue