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    Announcing the release of the Government Benefits and Services Delivery Solution Accelerator for LiveCycle ES

    Ashish Agrawal LiveCycle Level 1

      The solution accelerator team is pleased to announce the release of the Government Benefits and Services Delivery Solution Accelerator. The solution accelerator is designed to be extended and customized by partners leading to reduced development time and increased quality. The accelerator is packaged with a set of production ready building blocks that consist of re-usable components and technical guides. The building blocks may be used within the context of a solution accelerator or form the basis for developing new solutions.


      With the universal Adobe Reader and Flash Player, Adobe solutions have been critical in helping government agencies provide electronic channels for citizen and business services enrollment. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Adobe Benefits and Services Delivery solution accelerator, you can simplify citizen and business services enrollment, increase productivity by streamlining data collection and sharing across agencies and service providers, and ensure compliant correspondence on services eligibility and determination. This solution accelerator includes a set of Flex components and sample LiveCycle forms which can help you deliver Section 508 accessibility compliant portals for finding, selecting and applying for services such as health and human services, grants, child welfare, unemployment and business registration.


      Connect presentation:http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/BenefitsAndServicesDelivery
      Solution Guide: http://www.adobe.com/government/pdfs/adobe_benefits_services_delivery_portfolio.pdf
      Further details: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/solutions/gov_benefits.html

      For further information including referencing the technical documentation or to download these new releases, please visit http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/solution_accelerators.html. Your feedback, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated.


      Ashish Agrawal
      Group Product Manager


      Loni Kao
      Group Solutions Manager, Government Solutions