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    Error messages in different languages...

      Hi, I plan to have a coldfusion form that submits to a coldfusion action form. On form submit, I plan to validate my form fields like the following:
      function validatePage(myPage){
      for(var index = 0; index < myPage.elements.length; index++){
      if( errorExist){ elemXname = myPage.elements[index].name;
      errorMsg = errorMsg + elemXname + " has an error<br>"; } }
      1. Notice that I use the form element names. My problem is that I have Russian, Chinese, and other languages pages, what is the best way to go about this?
      2. I also do server-side validation, if there are any problems, the server would also validate comment and send back error message back to form. What is the best approach this way?

      Basically, I don't want to do a whole bunch of if statements, like if statements to substitute for English --> other language words
      Any comments, suggestions and especially sample code you can provide are great help!
      Thanks so much,