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    Vnc server

    karthick86mca Level 1



      Just i want to start tightvnc server through my flex application.

      that is,


      i am working with flex builder3. just i want to start my vnc server through my flex application.


      is it possible.


      please help me.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          You can't connect to native applications like that with Flex or AIR.


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            RWinscot Level 1

            Not 'directly' anyway... there is always the option of running a socket server that will take commands from your Flash/Flex/AIR app to do those kinds of things. You could also use a web server, web services, or a servlet to accomplish the task (read: security needs some thought).


            Then... there is always Merapi (I love Merapi) which requires some Java chops.




            Rick Winscot