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    video files




      i am working with flex builder 3 for building flex application.


      just i want to play high definitioon video files with different formats such as avi, wma... ant etc.


      how to embed vlcplayer in flex application. otherwise is there any other chance to play the files like above?


      please help me

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          You can't embed vlcplayer in a Flex or AIR app. Currently you cannot even communicate with a native program.


          Flex had VideoDisplay, but it only supports FLV files.


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            karthick86mca Level 1



            i have to play video files like avi,wma and etc.

            For that i want to create the application in flex.

            i created video player in flex. it support only flv files. but i need to play all the formats. is there anyway to create the application like this.

            it may be component or using any api or whatever the things . jus i have to play various format video files in flex application.

            already you told that, we can't embed vlc player.


            but is there anyother way to develop this appllication.