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    RH5-->RH8 conversion breaks drop-down text in .chm...sometimes


      We're moving our help systems from 5 to 8.  The conversions proper have been going without incident, but I've discovered that in some cases, all of the drop-down text we have in a topic throws a javascript error--expecting object.  In other topics, everything works fine.  When I look at the html, the href and such all appear to be identical in the working and the nonworking topics, which leads me to believe (although I don't know how to check it) that the reference to the object containing the missing text is AWOL in the broken ones for some reason.


      Has anyone else run into this or similar (pop ups, expanding text) issues?  Thanks.


      ETA: compiling the same project in Webhelp or AIR does not cause this issue.  Also, deleting and recreating the dropdown text does not fix.  The same ID is reassigned.


      ETA: Creating a new drop down or expanded text hotspot in a topic with broken ones yields more broken ones.  Creating a new hotspot of either sort in a topic that's working yields more working ones. Message was edited by: JeffHowe