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    How to render Rich Text /Html content in PDF through .XDP form


      Hi all


      I have designed an Invoice.XDP form and connected to a XML/XSD file for data.


      Now I dragged data fields from DataView to Invoice.XDP form to create required Text Fields.

      When I generated PDF from LiveCycle OutPut ES service it renders all fields with data.


      In the Invoice.XDP form some of the fields are required display Richtext /Html content, for those fields I changed object property to "Rich Text" from "Plain Text Only". Even after doing this the formatted text (Richtext /Html) is not displayed and it just displays only raw HTML text tags.


      I have attached the sample "Invoice_RTF.pdf" generated for reference here.

      Please advise me how to render the Richtext /Html content.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Kevin Cavallo Level 4

          I don't think you can bind directly to rich text; I've always done it in script.  Take a look at the following post:



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            parth pandya

            Thanks Kevin.


            I was about to post the same.




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              VKG7 Level 1

              Hi All,


              Thanks for the help and I am extremely sorry for the late reply as I was carried away by the other project priorities here.


              Parth Pandya's sample was help and I just tried the 2nd method that tries to render Richtext through XML envelope and javascript code from DB becasue that suits my need very well as my PDF content is completly processed at server and sent to browser as PDF bytes to render a PDF document for viewing purpose only.


              But I have trouble in executing the javascript in the PDF form and it generates the PDF without richtext conversion. It is not executing a simple alert message and then later I understood, LC Output generated PDF will not execute javascript. I need help in executing javascript with  LC Output at server-side. I just went through the various help documents to understand how to execute javascript in LC Output generated PDF that is originally XDP for desinged in LC Designer ES 8.2, but nothing worked and confused with various javascripts associated with each tool. So please advise me that what I am missing here and how to achive this.


              My Goal: I am building a proof of concept .Net App to find whether we can replace the exisiting Crystal Reports Templates with Adobe LiveCycle Output Service based one to generates the final invoice PDF from XML data. The idea is to bind XML data to with XDP form and render the final Invoice PDF(able to render the raw data other than Richtext). I don't know whether all features Crystal Reports Templates are possible with LC Output but right now I am struggling to render Richtext through LC OutPut Service and proceed further.



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                Kevin Cavallo Level 4

                Vijay, any chance you can post your proof of concept?  I regularly pass the same .xdp documents into both RenderForm, which causes the .pdf to be rendered using Reader, and through Output, and it works in both cases.  In the case of Output, the javascript executes completely on the Adobe server and there will be no javascript left to execute when the pdf hits the browser.  However the scripts execute fine on the server.  There are some minor differences between the javascript engines used by Reader and Output, but most things should work OK.


                Since alert messages don't work when rendering using Output, you can check the lc_server.out log file on the server to see if there were any script errors during form rendering.