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    Variables that persist across the application

    lee704 Level 1

      As usual I am showing my Flex naivete with my questions.  So, what's another one...


      Is there a way to have the variables I set in a pop-up window (think login), persist and be accessible even when that pop-up is closed?


      For example, I have an application that uses a pop-up login window to control access to the application. The user supplies userid, password and role. When the user is authenticated, the pop-up closes and a viewstack is displayed based on the results of the role selected in the pop-up.


      All that works just fine. Now, I want to display the userid in the components within the viewstack. For example I want to display a welcome message based on the userid.  In ColdFusion, I would just use a session variable.  However, I believe there is some way to call any variable in the application as long as the movie is still running.


      I cant seem to figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.