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    fredo viola

      Hi there, all


      Just a quick question... I'm starting to do some festivals with my short projects and they're asking for dvcam masters, hdcam masters, etc... The first one wants dvcam.  I called a friend who does conversion.  My project is starting out ntsc and going to pal.  So he wants to charge me 175. dollars to make one lousy dvcam conversion master.  This project is 3 minutes in length and to me that's highway robbery!  Can anyone confirm?  How much do you pay for your masters?


      Thanks in advance!


      - Fredo

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, that sounds okay. A tape costs around 23 Euros and he'll have to import the stuff into his edit suite and play it out from there, including calibration bars and tone and a proper timecode, all of which often requires to pre-burn the tape with that data, so it may be yet another extra step. Of course feel free to haggle with your buddy, but more or less this sounds right.



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            fredo viola Level 1

            wow, I'm just flabbergasted!  How the hell can anyone afford to make masters?  175. dollars a pop?  I saw places online that offered to do it for 60. or 75. bucks.  Anyway, I mentioned those places to him and he lowered his price to 75.  The piece is 3 minutes long, after all. 


            Thanks again, M.  :)

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              yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

              Well, you always pay for what you get.


              The $60 bucks online services always doesn't calibrate everything for your project, just does "dumb import", convert and export. Sometimes that's what you want, sometimes not.


              Conversion from NTSC to PAL must be handled with care, so even at 175$ it sounded like a good deal to me.