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    Getting Your Files into DV-AVI Type II Format

    Setrett4 Level 1

      The advice I’ve received on the forum suggests the best file format to edit in is DV-AVI Type II.   I have attempted conversions to this format unsuccessfully and had a couple of questions I’m hoping the community can answer.

      1.       Is DV-Type II the name of the compression codec used to generate the AVI file?  I have attempted video conversions with at least three different pieces of software but have never seen this provided as an option.  Is it a specific codec that I must download before my video conversion programs can use it or is it known under a different name?

      2.       For those of you who capture video in non-ideal formats, what third-party software do you use to convert to DV-AVI Type II.  I’ve tried QuickTime Pro (option wasn’t provided), 4videosoft (option wasn’t provided), and AVS Video Converter (option wasn’t provided).   My fallback position is editing with uncompressed AVI files, but they are unwieldy as you would expect.