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    Possible to switch CS4 from PC to Mac?


      I realize this is probably a stupid question, but considering the costs I am looking at here, I think it is worth it.


      I installed CS4 on my PC at work back in February.

      Now, my company has finally approved my request for purchasing a MacBook to do my design work on.


      So, the question I have is this - does anyone know if there's any possible way to move a PC version to a Mac? Or maybe there's discounts available? Anything?


      The PC the software is currently on is going to become obsolete... probably stripped of the few parts worth keeping, and then sent on to wherever PCs go when they die. I would really hate to think that I spent all of that money on CS4... only to have to purchase it all over again a few months later when the original copy will no longer be used. I realize this may be the inevitable case, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


      I am praying for some sort of magic here... as you can imagine, if it took me this long to get money approved for the Mac, just think of how long it would take to convince them to spend another grand on software they already purchased...