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    Aggravations with Too Many Activations

    David 1999

      Okay... here's the story (I'll try and keep it short... but no promises).


      In 2000 I opened account # 1 with Adobe.


      In 2004 I must have forgotten about my previous account so I opened a second under a different email address.


      I had purchased some ebooks last year, and again this year in March using ADE to read them. I believe it was under account # 2, but it could have been under # 1. The computer was already activated when I imported the latest book.


      I had to reinstall Windows for the usual Windows issues. But when I tried reading my ebooks, I kept getting error messages that the book was activated under another user, or that I should redownload the book (which is not an option). Neither account is working with the ebooks. And of course I ran out of activations on both accounts.


      Case # 0202264241: General request for help with a summary. Opened 07-14-2009. No response yet.


      Case # 0181091688: A request to reset activations on account # 1. Opened 08-02-2009. Case withdrawn by Adobe Support on 08-05-2009.


      Response: "I understand that you are receiving the message about 'too many activations' We do not provide support for this service through this channel." The message then proceeded to instruct me to open a case through the same support web portal I had used to open the case that they were reading. Also the instructions they gave to open the new case were incorrect. However, there was a phone number on the bottom of the message. After 30 minutes and repeated requests to provide my serial number (?) for Digital Editions, I was told that voice support was not provided for free software, and I should open a case on the support web portal.


      Case # 0181091742: A request to reset activations on account #2. Opened 08-02-2009. Case withdrawn by Adobe Support on 08-05-2009.


      Response: "Unfortunately we are unable to assist with technical support issues beyond installation for Adobe Digital Editions via web support, and
      there is no phone support at all for Adobe Digital Editions. For support information for Adobe Digital Editions please refer to the Adobe Flash Player Support Center, available at the URL below:




      So here I am at the... um... Adobe Flash Player Support Center?


      I've noticed that there are several Adobe staff who read these forums, and they appear to be very helpful and responsive. If any of you are reading this, please help!!!! If I get directed to the support portal again I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!


      Thank you,