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    [svn:fx-trunk] 9115: VideoPlayer/VideoElement fixes:

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      Revision: 9115

      Author:   rfrishbe@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-08-05 13:25:32 -0700 (Wed, 05 Aug 2009)


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      VideoPlayer/VideoElement fixes:


      SDK-22196 ?\226?\128?\147 VideoElement Cannot Load Video During An Effect.

      The issue?\226?\128?\153s really with FLVPlayback.  If you set width and height to something, it won?\226?\128?\153t load the video until the next frame.  During an animation, we are constantly setting the width/height in UDL(), so FLVPlayback never actually shows or loads the video.  The fix is just a workaround and we only set width/height on the FLVPlayback control if one of them has changed.


      SDK-22182 - Clicking "Full Screen" button on the rotated video displays only artboard.

      For rotated video, we weren?\226?\128?\153t correctly going in to fullscreen mode.  Now we use setLayoutBoundsSize and setLayoutBoundsPosition with postTransform=true and make sure to call invalidateSize() and invalidateDL();


      SDK-22310: bufferedArea not showing in spark Video Player

      This was an injection with some refactoring around how we handled the sizing of components in TrackBase.  The code was refactored, but pendingValue was used, when the passed in value should be used.


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      Bugs: SDK-22196, SDK-22182, SDK-22310

      Reviewer: Deepa

      Tests run: checkintests, VideoPlayer and VideoElement mustella tests

      Is noteworthy for integration: No


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