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    Transferring DW CS4, Flash CS3 from PPC G5 to UMBP


      Apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn't find the answer in my searches.


      Purchased a download of DW CS4 and hard copy of Flash CS3.  Also am soon to receive a copy of Photoshop CS3.  DW and Flash are installed and registered on my G5.  I'm going to be leaving the country soon and want to transfer those programs to my UMBP so I may continue my work.  I tried the drag and drop method from one to the other which, of course, didn't work.  I did that because I read somewhere that this was legal to have one license on the main computer and one on the laptop.


      I also think I read on one of the forums about doing an uninstall and re-install on the other computer.  The problem is my downloaded copy of DW.  I'm not sure if I can make a backup on DVD of the software or if that's even legal.  I backed everything up on an external drive but, again, not sure that is legal either.  I plan on taking the external with me when I leave.  Plus I'm not very brave about doing the uninstall and wiping out everything...


      Thanks in advance.