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      I have a simple motion tween from fr 1 - 52 (x and y property movement only). I create a custom ease - standard 100 ease in and then a 100 ease out. When this ease is applied to the motion, the ease "happens" after fr 52. So the object does not stop until fr 63 (eased out at 63. How can I get the ease to match / ease out to the last keyframe on 52, rather than 63??? See the attached image of the motion editor.

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          Hi there,


          There's a subtle feature in custom eases that will help you for situations like this (easing between keyframes).


          Move the playhead to the last frame in your X/Y tween (frame 52). Go to the custom ease curve, and insert a keyframe at that location. Now drag that keyframe up and down until it snaps. The keyframe will snap to the value it needs to match the keyframe in the X/Y property (so it will end exactly at that location). Then you can further modify the curve in the custom ease as desired.


          Hope that helps,