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    navigateToURL() and WebKit


      Hi. I have a Cocoa application running on MacOS X version 10.5 that uses a WebView (a class within the WebKit framework). My WebView is showing a movie in .swf format that is written using Flex2.


      The movie is calling flash.net.navigateToURL(). Right now, my application is taking no action when this happens because I do not know how to intercept this call.


      I have tried implementing a WebResourceLoadDelegate, a WebPolicyDelegate, a WebFrameLoadDelegate, and a WebDownloadDelegate in order to try to determine how to intercept this. The delegate methods are being called when the movie is being loaded, but are not called when flash.net.navigateToURL() is called. I know for sure that navigateToURL is being called because


      What I need to know is what the Adobe flash plugin is specifically doing when my movie calls flash.net.navigateToURL(). When I try viewing the same movie within Safari, Internet Explorer , Firefox, etc. a new browser window is opened to the URL specified (e.g. the desired behavior).


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.


      Brant Sears