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    Acrobat Color Management - Color Profiles Missing from Drop down list

    ABC Color

      I have created a custom .icc profile for my large format plotter. The .icc file is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color, but it is not visible in my Color Profile drop down list, in the Color Management section of the Advanced Print Setup box, which is available via the Advanced option in the print dialog box. I have set up 10 users, some have Acrobat 8, some have acrobat 9. Of those 10 the profile is not showing up on one of the Acrobat 8's and one of the Acrobat 9's. To complicate matters, last night I sucessfully created a preset for an Acrobat 9 user and linked the profile, but after he logged off and back on today he can no longer see the profile either. Have you ever seen this activity? -Thanks