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    Anyway to highlight a particular word in text?

    MackrorySD Level 1

      I'm trying to implement some necessary features using htmlText (http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=textcontrols_04.html). One thing I need to do is highlight a particular word in a sentence. Something along the lines of


      This is a sentence with a <highlight> highlighted </highlight> word.


      None of the tags in the aforementioned list seem to be able to be able to do anything like this. I was hoping for a backgroundColor attribute in the font tag, or something. I've also looked at the CSS capabilities, etc... and simply using setStyle("backgroundColor" ...) wouldn't do any good, as I need to highlight only one word.


      It seems we'll just have to find another way to emphasize the text in question, but before I abandon all hope, am I missing anything?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          I think you already know this, but you can change the color of the text with <font color=""> and/or make it bold with <b>, and I think you can make it italic with <i> or <em>.


          Like I said, I think you already knew that but thought I'd mention it.


          You could use the drawing API to draw a rectangle under the word, but with different fonts and font sizes that would be difficult to get right and consistent.


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            MackrorySD Level 1

            Yeah, I know about that, already. Problem is, there are several different reasons why a word might get highlighted, and we're already italicizing and bold-ing words for other reasons. That's why we had planned to highlight using a background color.


            Someone did suggest drawing a box and placing it under the word, but you're right - that would be horribly complex as the font is determined pretty much at runtime, and our layout manager has already been made chaotic!


            Thanks, though